Saturday, June 10, 2017

High Hopes

Beautiful weather!

I had HIGH HOPES to take NEvel on another 10 mile ride today!
But Alas...look closely...can you see it?
Bottom right corner here...
Outline of a SHOE!
Yes, Nevel ripped his Left Fore off in the water tank!  aha!  I just had it put back on LAST WEEK!
Not even glue held it on!  What next!
So Nevel gets supplements and food and grass and snacks!  grrrrrrrr!
Maybe a new shoe on Monday...

Ok Persee...what about you?  Up for an arena workout?
We had a nice lunging and riding session in the arena, minimal spooking, but one pretty good sized one at the corner.
Then we went out for a walk down the lane and to the Big Wood to see how Persee would do.
We meandered past the stables and past the spooky big drain next to the road then crossed and walked on over to the creek that was teaming with life...Tadpoles and various colored dragonflies...I missed getting a pic of the bright red one.

Persee found grass...that is all that mattered to him.

The fields are dry now...yet brightly colored flowers still peek through

Persee found plenty to eat here too.
Is that smoke signals I see?  I believe Nevel is calling me home!"

Week stuff

The boys and I had some good short rides in the Arena this week.

It will take me some time to get used to wobbly Persee...Nevel is so solid and wide compared to Persee and my knees scream when I ride Nevel.  Not so with Persee though!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Home again Home again

I was hoping to get air in my trailer tires...but the pump didn't work...oh well...
After riding Nevel to Avery's Pond I hitched up the trailer and went to get my young boy
Perseeus.  He's been at a trainers place.
I could vent here...
but guess I won't
Bottom line is that Persee is back home.
We will have to work more on the trail and trailer training.... : /

To Avery's Pond and Back

Today was the day...
I was going to do it!

I got to the farm early
And was pretty quick about getting Nevel under saddle...
Well, at least quicker than usual!

We started at a brisk walk to Horseshoe Bar Road and on to the trail.
I don't like riding on the road, so had to deal with Nevel's lack of standing still.
But he wasn't too bad and we took off for the pond.

We  immediately made a wrong turn by going down the trail on the right that dead ended at the lake
Nevel had'nt want to go that way anyway and I should have listened to him!
We turned back and took the trail more to the left, which then circled around a ravine type area and then paralleled the lake.

I really wish I had pictures of part of the trail.  To me it is challenging because I am out of shape.
Consider it rock climbing in some parts for the horse...and bridges to cross.
Never does ok with bridges...but not this one.  There was a muck puddle right before it and he decided to slam on the brakes and start backing up.  I had to dismount, walk him across and remount up the trail.
We came across at least 5 muck puddles on the trail and each one I had to dismount to get him through.
We also didn't listen very well to Major earlier in the week and took a left turn and climbed a mountain...ok, not a mountain, but a steep hill for Nevel to pack my fat butt up.  We made it and I hopped off and walked Nevel back down after I realized we were in a NEIGHHHHborhood of what looked like Multi Million dollar homes to me!

Shortly before the staging area, I was hand walking Nevel across the park road and up a steep part of the trail that is gouged out and has high sides.  I hate these areas!  Nevel doesn't seem to mind them, but I was walking on the high side with him in the gully when I slipped on the gravel and went crashing down...Nevel startled and rushed forward and jumped up onto the embankment with me now In the gully on my knees...he rushed around a tree and had to halt at the end of the rein.

I did not have the presence of mind to snap a picture of him peering around the tree at me wondering why I was on the ground.  I was also happy he didn't take off since I was now almost 5 miles from home!

Finally we reached Rattlesnake bar staging area...(without seeing ANY rattlesnakes). and traversed onward to Avery's Pond.  I hand walked Nevel for most of the mile from the parking area to the pond since there seemed to be a plethora of young families and small children and strollers on single track trail!  Prior to the pond there is a lovely clear watering hole with gurgling and flowing water.  Nevel was interested but didn't feel safe enough nor thirsty enough to drink here.

Just ahead is a people bridge.  No horses allowed, so we ventured to the south side of the pond and shared mandarin oranges.  Nevel will eat anything I think...except goat cheese!

The pond is quite scenic.  Muffled sounds of children playing had Nevel perk his ears.
I mounted back up after passing the watering hole and Nevel took off at a trot.  We left most of the people behind in the dust and and only had to slow for one plodding family group of teenagers and parents.
From there we trotted and cantered all the way to the end of the trail...Nevel leaping over creeks, charging through the muck puddles and also charging back down the rock climb we had done on the way out.
When were just about a mile from home he started hollering for his pasture friends.
I hopped off when we came to the road and hand walked him home.
Tired, dusty and happy...11 miles.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

No Pictures

I get bored reading blogs without pictures
Here I am with only pictures in my mind.

Nevel and I had several nice week night evenings
Riding in the arena to practice listening a bit better.
I utilized either the Duett or the Sommer.

My latest short ride had my knees screaming for two days
...stirrups too short.

Today I anticipated a lively jaunt into the big wood
And out to the meadow to check trail conditions.
(With longer stirrups)

I put the Summer on and attempted to mount at the block
The Nevs misbehaved with minimal sidestepping.
So we practiced until he stood still

Foot in stirrup
Saddle slid sideways
Tighten girth
Saddle slid sideways
....agha...3 tries and it's OUT!

Get the Tucker plantation-my favorite minus it's heavier weight.
Mount up and head lively up the trail.
Get to the creek
Giant tree blocking the trail
Turn...go to small trail on the right
Nevel refuses to cross TINY stream of water.

Nevel JUMPs over said tiny stream
Nevel grabs gigantic mouthfuls of grass

Up the trail
Lovely smooth 9.4 mph trot
Dodge low branches
Skirt fallen tree
Another fallen tree

Turn around
Head for home
Jump tiny creek

Head for home
Nevel is tripping constantly
Feels like riding in a box of rattle rocks.
Trip some more
Missing. Left Fore!


and suddenly it was June
Sodden winter
Turned dust to muck
The Golden boy
Wades through rivers like a champ
Streams of water
Welling from the ground
We thought would never stop

And suddenly it is June
Poofs of dust
With each trodden hoof
Grass waning brown

And Nevel is afraid
To cross a tiny stream!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fun on a different note

Two of my kiddos came to visit me last week
1 with her SO from Virginia
1 with himself from Portland OR.

We had so much fun!
Hiking at William Pond Park along the American River

Making and eating the best ever cheesecake

Snowshoeing at Donner pass...

Hiking to Vikinsholm

Sleeping at Squaw Valley...and swimming too *in a heated pool!
Driving all of the way around Lake Tahoe

Dabbling in the Raging Truckee River

Kayaking on Lake Natoma and visiting the Heron's Roost...blurry shots
moving kayak and flying bird!The 5 days went far too fast.
Then all was quiet
The husband in NYC for 10 days
just me and the dogs