Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WIDE bodies need WIDE saddles

Little Nevel has thrived over the last year and has joyfully packed on the pounds.
So I ordered a DUETT to try on him...a 38!!!
 I do like the color of it and I have a bridles to match 
(both black and brown)
The problem was "girth"
The girth with my old stubben was  way too long
due to extended billets on the Duett
I rummaged around and found a 24" Orthoflex girth that hadnt been used in years
It WORKED!  yay
I didnt get very good pictures of the saddle on without a pad
But he has plenty of clearance in the wither area
I will most likely switch over to my Skito pad on the next trial, this pad goes with my Stubben which is shaped differently than this Duett

 Nevel didn't mind packing it around the pen, even with heavy leather covered endurance stirrups banging around on his sides.
He had nice even sweat marks when he was done.
I didn't ride because I have been sick  with a stomach bug for the last two days and every time I have ever ridden when sick I end up falling off and banging myself up.
So, a "sit" on the saddle while it was on the stand was pretty comfortable
(other than being so WIDE)
Will have to try it out again another day when I am feeling better

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Big Fish Story

Nevel is this BIG!
This is not a big fish story either...
He really is THIS WIDE!
Like maybe 38 cm saddle wide?
My 32 Stubben won't cut the mustard at this point,
I don't want a treeless
So I am going to try a Duett on him-Duetts are made for wide horses
More to come on this

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fire and Dust

The sharp smell of smoke 
Singed my nostrils when I arrived at the farm today
A Smokey Haze was starting to waft over the pasture
and Temps were already rising at 9:30 a.m.
This is what greeted me at the fence!
"Awe Mom, I don't WANNA WORK!"
 But work he did and promptly covered us both in dust.
I took a VERY short ride on him in the Arena.
By the end of it I was hot, choking on dust and had burning throat and nose from the now
 very heavy smoke laden air
And also arranged with B to ride him during the week
That works out well for her since Ziggy is lame and she has been wanting to ride Nevel
Nevel investigates the "TREAT TREE" but did not find any snacks today.
 Here he is in a borrowed saddle (doesnt fit him well either)
 Mr. Cutes looking for Carrots.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beauty Is ~~~~~~~~

"LET ME GO!!!!"
and Wade
In the MUCKY POND!!!"

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Clean for a Moment

It was a perfect day to give "Mr. Fats" a bath!
Hard to believe he was underweight when I bought him a year ago!
He is OBESE now! (his diet only consists of short irrigated pasture and some hay.  Looks like he needs a dirt paddock!)
And do you think a saddle fits him?
Not any that I own
and Mike's saddle rolls on him now.
T said I could use a couple of her el-cheapo saddles that seem to fit ok.
 Big Haflinger Butt
His tail was BLACK with mud and who knows what else when I started
So a good shampooing worked wonders 
 He was intent on finding snacks during his "dry time"
 I was excited about how well the Orvis Shampoo really worked.
His yellow mane is now fluffy and almost white
 Shimmering in the Sunlight...
But only for a moment!
 Falcon was second in line 
I don't really even want to talk about him!
He lunged well, 
I put a saddle on him
No problems
I strapped my helmet to his saddle 
No problem
I tried to walk him away
He tried to bolt
Went in to a slight rear/buck
C walked over when I got him settled and got the helmet off
He was ok after that,
But what would he do with me on his back again.
I lunged him into a good sweat with the saddle on
Snacks, apples and a shower for him
and called it a day!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Gauntlet

My trailer BACKING skills
 Are severely lacking,
The Turn...The Trees,
The Twisted knees...
Ok, not twisted knees,
The neck sure was twisted when I was done!
I have been shopping around for quite awhile
Still kicking myself for selling my 4-Star with gigantic Tack Room when I made my "big move."
I first dreamed of having a Feather-lite
But after looking at them a good bit in comparison to other trailers
I felt like they just weren't built as well.
I looked at a variety of other trailers.
Trails West has a good looking well built trailer and reviews were good on them
The Logan was slightly more expensive
But what sold me was 
1. Good Reviews
2. Warranty
3.  Very hard to find a used one around (must mean people are happy with them?)
4.  Flooring ( EDGE model has the slatted floors for drain purposes)
5.  Coating on the flooring and hitch area to decrease rusting and pitting
5.   Three outer spotlights
6.Roomy slant load (although I do sorta miss the rear tack area)
Water tank, blanket bars and 12 bridle hooks to hang all of my junk on! 
AND-carpeting on the wall to protect from swinging/banging tack
Oh...I should want to ride horses to have a horse trailer?
Well, ok, if I need to leave town quick, I will take them with me!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Week End Call

Screwed up any plans for Horsey Time-AGAIN
I think that is the LAST time I "do a favor" for my Boss!
Thinking HIS payback should be to take THREE of MY weekends!

But I did look at a house for rent in Auburn with 5 acres.
The house was GREAT
But the pasture was pretty steep and NUTHIN but RED CLAY
and pine trees and junk in the lower part of it.
Too much work for me to do by myself...
Sooo...still looking for that special place