Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The New Chics

I went to the feed store on Sunday to get a salt block for the "ponies"
One of the guys there asked if he could help-like-"do you need any chics?"

Me:  "Not Really, I  have decided 2 hens are enough for city life."
He:  "Well we need to get rid of some-are you sure you don't want a couple?"
Me:  "Do you have any Americana's?  No? Buff Orpingtons?"
He:  "Buffs, can I throw some in a bag for you?"
Me:  "A BAG?  I have never taken Chics home in a BAG!"
He:  "We are out of boxes!"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I have TWO mothers NOW?
(Muff and Quill are lecturing Poppy on Chicken Run behaviors.)
 Muff-my Salmon Favorelle had been setting on "eggs" (I kept taking the eggs since they are not fertilized)  When I brought the two new chicks home I put them under her and within a second- she BLITZED out a PECK PECK PECK at ME-fluffed herself to the fullest and CLAIMED those chicks.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saddles and Training

Nevel is 4
Nevel has a bad attitude about training but he is improving.
He started out nervous and giving Mike "stink eye" but settled in nicely in the round pen.
 Perks up when he sees me-"Momma SAVE ME!"
 Nevel ponders "taking a bite out of training crime!"
 Oops-saddle fit issues.  He is too round for this saddle.
 Now, to work on his bolting issues.
And of course...He happily gobbles up the groceries!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lu-pin ? Lu -pine?

Any way ya say it...
Is just fine!
I am calling it LUPINE Church!  I just continue to be amazed by the swaths of Lupine at Folsom Lake
Every Hummock
 Every Vale
 Lupine on EVERY trail!
 Falcon takes a look
at a fast speeding boat
Blowing by the rippling nook
 He was a good boy
But always aware
In case a fat snake slithered "there"
59 degrees on the early morning trail
But temps rose to 81 in simply 2 hours.
Other flowers have popped out along the trail.
There seems to be a new series of them every week.
I am still learning their names-so correct me if I am wrong...
Mules Ears
 Pretty Face
 Fairy Lanterns
Coreopsis and Monkey flowers
 Falcon was quite relaxed for once
Enjoying our saunter.
...That is...
Until we reached the series of "gates"
on the return home.
Rush, rush, rush
He is just sure that he will be eaten
or struck at by a lovely rattlesnake
when he passes through.

Monday, April 22, 2013

favorite things

Still working on this video thing...
Take some dramamine-sit back and enjoy some of our Northern California Spring
(or to some-Summer-it is 90 degrees!)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another Fabulous Day for a Ride

68 degrees
Slight Breeze
Quiet-except for birds
Singing their songs

Multitudes of Lupine

 Hummingbirds flitting about
Emerald Grasses waving free.
The weather was so absolutely-awesomely perfect today.
I'd like to say it was the perfect ride.
It wasn't, but it wasn't too bad either.
Falcon first wouldn't let me mount-nothing a little bit of circling didn't help.
Then he didn't want to go-then leapt over the creek.
It took some major urging to keep him going-and then he took off at a nice walk up the trail
A few spooks and bucks at the canter
Leaves me with a major bruise on my wrist where it hit the pommel.
Another whack of my helmet on a low branch sent him into another leap and buck...
Out to the lake then turn around for home.
One more major spook dip to the right over a scurrying lizard
And then we took off for home
Cantering/trotting/responding well-no more silliness.
No Tripping at all on this ride!
His feet are starting to look better
These are stress cracks from when his feet were so long.
 They are finally starting to grow out
 The Hoof Trimmer guy comes on Wednesday.
I expect it will still take a couple of more trims to get his feet to where they need to be.
But the fact that he isn't tripping anymore is a major improvement.
This is a hind hoof-looking great
 And the other hind, taken from an odd angle-it is in good shape too.
Last but not least
The "get the roots out of my mouth" technique that Falcon uses
When he pulls up the plant root and all.
He amazes me how he maneuvers his mouth around and manages to drop all of the rooty dirty parts.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

Nevel and Mike go Skiing


I was trying to get some pictures of the beautiful little wild iris...
I guess I succeeded?


Sunday, April 7, 2013


The Devil in his Brain

He's got the Devil in his brain...
La La La
He's driving me insane...
La La LA
I love him just the same
La La La
He causes my heart pain...
La La La
(Is that a song?  If not, I just made it in to one)

Ok, let's change the subject.  I don't sing well anyway!  
The trails are framed with deep lush green grass and poison oak.  
Poppies shout out a bright hello.

False Foxglove nods in the breeze
 A glimpse of the lake from amongst the trees
 Rock Walls 
and Lupine take the show
Pretty Face take a close second

I've been trying to post some videos...

but it just isn't working!  which is too bad because the Video of Mike "skiing" behind Nevel in the Arena on Friday was priceless.

T says it is because it is April-Every-one is stir crazy with Spring Fever.
Nevel is still having an "attitude" despite being worked for a LONG-while and dragging Mike all over the arena.
All the Grass is Green...La La LAAAAA!