Sunday, July 28, 2013

Back on the Farm

I think it had been two months since I had seen the horses
So it was nice to finally get back out to the farm to see them.
I was late and Mike had already worked Nevel pretty hard in the round pen
But as soon as I drove up Nevel strode over to the gate and happily nuzzled and loved on me.
It was probably the appropriate timing for me to get there since I could take his saddle off
Spray him down and give him love and snacks
"Hey Mom how do I look?"
"Not very good have a post in your head"
 "How is this?  Handsome aren't I!"
Pretty flowers growing in the pasture
 The new bridle from Muley Bluz
Guess I will try it on Nevel next time I am out.
 I tried the plantation saddle on Falcon
It fits him well, but is still stiff,
It has a nice deep seat-maybe I will be able to sit his massive spooks
better than in the AMTS saddle.
But I still haven't decided whether it is worth my bones to ride him again.
Falcon seems to be practicing some dressage moves
 Heading back to the herd after a bath and some carrots

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Muley Bluz

I have been to Montana numerous times and every time driving along Highway 93 in to town I see the sign for Muley Bluz.  There are a couple of saddles hanging out with the sign, that no doubt must be quite weather worn by now...I didn't even get a picture of them!!!  WHAT AILS ME????

Well, in my mind, the goal was to go into the store, but I never did until this year.  It is a small shop, with some fancily tooled western saddles in the window.  Inside are a few racks of used saddles and along the walls hang some racks of luscious smelling new leather bridles and breastplates.

A feller about my age sprung out of the back and heartily said..."are ya ready to spend some money today?"
Sadly I disappointed him with a "nope."
I then told him the sad story of my air-conditioning dying in my car in Winnemucca, NV and having to drive for a day and a half in 101 degree heat...then arriving in Ronan and having to spend more than what I had budgeted for in spending money for the trip...way more, like...700$ I guess he then believed me that I really really couldn't spend any money there.

Mainly they just repair saddles there, but also make belts and all of the new leather tack hanging on the racks, so I moseyed around and he pointed out the differences in the bridles that I was eying hungrily.
Finally I chose a well made/simple bridle with "Ronan, Montana" stamped on the side.

I happily left with a purchase that didn't break my budget. (a budget that I know longer had anyway, so you can't break it if you don't have it right?)

I have a pair of buttery soft reins that I received from Allegheny Saddles for free after they made a mistake on my I needed a headstall to go with the reins.

I tend to prefer the bright colors and ease of cleaning with my biothane tack, but something in me just loves the good old fashioned feel and smell of leather.

There is just something good about buying "American Made"  whether it is biothane or leather!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The skies did not look promising as we ventured northward...
 The Canadian Officials were friendly and quickly waved us on...
 Clouds billowed and darkened as rain began spattering down
Temperatures had plummeted
We opted to stop as hail began pelting the car
 This was a fun museum with interactive exhibits for all ages.
Lifelike horses
 The Landau Carriage, my Step-dad is building one of these
 Potions for worming horses and other horsey aids
 The wonderful scent of the harnesses
 The Stable
 Wheels ready for a carriage
 Warty nose and whiskers!
 Then we headed towards the Town Site of Waterton Lakes

Chili nights called for warm drinks!

The Next Day was much brighter 
This place offered a most fabulous trail ride across 3000 acres of wildflower meadows
woods, creeks and cows!
This Grizzly bear track in the Mountain Meadow Lodge
did not give me any encouragement about bears lurking about
Ponies are ready
 On the trail with our guide Tacee (on the buckskin)
 Horses on the far hill
 Venturing down a steep hill

 Even the ground squirrel gets to live amongst the flowers!
International Border
The border is cut right up and over the mountain.
Old Man's Whiskers
 Even the clover seemed brighter

 Waterton Lake
 Snow Creviced Peaks
 More Fabulous wildflowers
And after almost two weeks in bear country without 
sighting a bear, this little fella graced us with his presence
just before we crossed back in to the USA.
Wishing this trip hadn't ended so soon.
But I guess it is time for me to visit my own "ponies!"

Monday, July 15, 2013

Montana Calling

I can't believe a month has passed since I last blogged.
But I spent two weeks in Montana and Alberta Canada...I took over 3000 pics-but will only blog a few : )  I will blog separate photos of Alberta-later
                                                                     Bear Grass
Montana=Where they grow Idaho Seed potatoes!
Mountain Goats at Glacier
 (I took about 400 pics of the goats, these babies were playing for over half an hour on the rock)

 Bison (a little too close for comfort) at the National Bison Range
 Where the Antelope play
 Hay field behind my mom's place
 Butterflies on the Thistles
 A view of the Mission Mountain Range behind my mom's house
 Back yard critters
 Field across from my mom's place
 Fields of Daisies everywhere!
 The neighbor's horse
 Elk in the river
 Montana Sky
 Logan Pass-Glacier National Park
The goat was coming straight at me-but looking down at other hikers.
 Hey-YOU- get outa' my path!
 Big Horn Sheep roaming around at the Logan Pass visitors center
 Waterfall="Going to the Sun" road-Glacier National Park
 4th of July Celebrants
In Montana-at least I don't have to "drip dry"
 Hidden Lake-Glacier-Many of the goats frequent this trail to the lake
 Baby Goat near the trail
 Grizzly cub...and no sign of momma???
I didn't get out of the car to look for her either!
 Agha!  You frightened me!!!!~
 Field behind my mom's place-Mission Mountain Range
 The barn in the distance is popular amongst photographers
 Ground Squirrel at Logan Pass
 St Mary Lake-Glacier
 A different way to stack the hay?
 Cowboy on the loose

 Cow on the loose!