Monday, April 14, 2014

Trip To There and Back

Sunday...Sunday...Maybe I will RIDE today!
 Nevel and I arrived at Sterling Point bright and early.
Like 8:30 is early...but no one was there
So we waited and checked on our shadows
 You can lead a horse to water...
 You can offer Goat Gouda and crackers...
Nevel managed to eat the cracker and spit out the cheese...!!!
 Martha and Ronnie arrived around 9
and after much messing around with a trial saddle and girths
the decision was made to use a usual western saddle on Maz
Then off we went happily in search of...
 We were NOT disappointed!
The boys were all fairly well behaved, each taking a turn at the lead
middle and back of the pack.
Nevel led them across the creeks when the others balked.
We just did not want to stop
Having to check out the next hill full of Lupines.
 Martha with Reuben, Me with Nevel
Oh HAPPY day!
 Ronnie on Maz
 Nevel inhaling the sweet Lupines
More photo ops...I'm ready...he isn't
 Ok, now we have it!
What a fun, fun 3 hour ride.  The first time I have ridden that long in 6 years!!!
and ohhhh legs!
Guess I better go ride the kinks out!