Monday, January 30, 2017

Sunday, January 29, 2017

I'm so Handsome!


Nevel having a munch after our ride today.
Water, water everywhere!
Rippling brooks and streams...and GREEN!

Nevel and I had a nice ride- mostly- except for the muck-and the time he JUMPED a very small rivulet and kicked his heels up afterwards as my hand/wrist jammed into his neck has his head came back up.
I laughed-picturing what we must have looked like
A high jump over a tiny rivulet? and then what are they called? when the horses leap...
You know...Certainly he looked like a LIPPIZANER?  LOL

We had a hard time finding dry land to trot/canter on, and we did find some...but not much and then he decided he should go full speed and rip the reins from my hands...grrrrr
No amount of half halts worked...he finally slowed when we got to the mud...but even then he was in high gear for him...or at least wanting to be.  KNUCKLEHEAD!

On the lane back home I let him go and we did a nice rocking horse canter up the hill.

FUN 4 mile ride.

Hoof prints in the Muck

No sneaking around today!
Can't hide hoof prints in all of this muck!

My My What long toes I have

Nevel is due for his pedicure tomorrow.

Never ponders his day

Nevel was a bit feisty out of the starting gate-tossing his head and giving
a little buck when started in the round pen...but he settled in and behaved.
He is always a pain in the butt to mount, but I think I was a little more limber today having worked out at the gym for the last two weeks (trying to lose 10lbs of HOLIDAY FAT and then some)

Anyway....I climbed up on the mounting block and swung my leg over.  He had a shocked look when I "one upped him!"

Trails are a mucky mess

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Thursday, January 5, 2017