Monday, October 27, 2014

Limping Along

Not the horse...
Seems my yearly bout of hip bursitis chose to show up at the nicest time of year!  AGHA
And married life is making me FAT again!  LOL
Nevel isn't looking so slim himself...
I went to visit him
Here is the face that greeted me!
 Word has it that he escaped the pasture while I was over at Mammoth Lakes with other things on my mind!  The message on my phone said:  He is fine...just a "little" dirty!  Uhmmmm, more than a little.
With a face like this one...
I think his new name should be
He is as cute as ever of course!
Hows about a carrot Mr. Swampy?
Mr Swampy had to give the stink eye to a fellow pasture mate first before even THINKING about imbibing in fresh carrots and apples...

"Awwww you HAVE to go...?"

Look at him....just look at him!  How can you leave a FACE like THAT???

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Newly Wed

Ok, so recently I posted the story about my engagement.  The plan was to get married in 2015
But I don't particularly care for odd numbers...
We had a trip planned to Mammoth Lakes, CA (Eastern Sierra) and
At the last moment we decided to get married while there.
The weather was spectacular as only the Eastern Sierra can be
Blue Skies, 68 degrees-not a cloud to be seen
And here we have the NEWLYWEDS 10/10/2014!!!
We were the only ones in the courthouse 
except for 2 clerks
3 Security agents
the Judge
My sparkly shoes set off the alarm system!  :)
In the afternoon we met up with a professional photographer
I had a REAL BRIDAL dress then-
My groom couldn't believe I was putting one on AFTER the wedding!  LOL
He said
"I can't believe the lengths you women go to...."
The photographer sent me a few photos yesterday...the best won't be seen for a month or so...
A stroll down a beautiful aspen lined lane on the June Lake Loop
 And another in a meadow nearby
 The following day we hiked to Rainbow Falls after gazing at the Devils Post pile
 and of course I was thinking how great it would be to ride a horse there
There was even a hitching post!
Spectacular fall color abounded just about every where

 Silver Lake on the June Lake Loop
 Mono Lake
 Mono Lake inhabitant
It was  a fabulous and spiritual weekend
A great start to our life together...
I will post some pony pictures...
can't leave poor Nevel out!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Big Changes-AGAIN !

As if life wasn't exciting enough...
We took a trip to San Diego-Smack dab in the middle of my moving month...

I highly recommend the Hilton bay front- fabulous views  and a discount price off of
 On Friday we went to the zoo.  I have been to better zoo's but still it was fun until the sun got too hot.
I love the intelligent looking little Meer cats
 Funky Cactus reaching for the bleu bleu sky
Polar bear coasting in the water!
 Giraffe and Elephants and Tigers-Oh My  (we never saw any tigers but supposedly they were there)
 Lovely Zebra
 And funky Snake skeleton!
 Lovely Flowers too!
 And then we returned to the Hotel and dressed in fancy clothes
Picked up our "Uber" ride and headed to "Island Prime" for dinner.
I think I remember a table by the the bleu bleu water
Accents of white sails flying by
I think I remember it because I have pictures to prove it!
And then I think I remember him saying something crazy
That he needed to talk to me
I think I remember him coming around to my side of the table
I think I remember that sailboat flying by again...
I think I remember him going down on one knee
I think I remember him asking me
"Will you marry me?"
It must be true
It must have happened
There is a lovely and shiny white gold band on my finger to prove it!
: )
On the way home
The sun gave its blessing
and Fireworks appeared over the bay
Wow-what a wonderful day!
The next day
We went to Balboa Park
 Beautiful Museums there
and Lily pads.  I love Lily pads and koi fish!
 For dinner we went to the Gas Lamp district.
Wow those are some rough looking' naked cowboys!
We had steak instead!  LOL
I saw some shoes-nice to go with a wedding dress
Except that we will probably elope...
These shoes would make me 5 inches taller than my groom!
ha ha!
A fun trip
Labor Day weekend and the move is completed
I returned the horse trailer to its right position under the gauntlet of trees at the farm
(I only bumped in to ONE tree backing it in!  Hooray for me!)
Nevel is as fat as ever
Covered in Mud from the Pond
Maybe one day soon we will be back on the trail

Sunday, August 17, 2014

New Beginnings...

mean endings for some things and I haven't decided whether it is easier to take a month to move or to "JUST DO IT!"
I decided to take a month to move since I am on call 2 of the week ends anyway and can't be roaming the lake side and forests on my "pony."

Last week I did pay a visit to Nevel and he was impatient with the grooming-he simply wanted to eat.  He is so round now from the irrigated pasture.  The grass quality is poor, but he seems to thrive on it.
 "Why is that scrawny cat over there?"
I haven't been doing much riding.  The horse trailer gets packed up during the week and then on the weekends I drive it 13 miles to my new abode in the city to un-load it.
One thing is certain, I am getting plenty of practice pulling the trailer in traffic and on narrow streets.
Maybe by late fall I will be hauling mr. Fats around...just depends on his hind hoof that he injured almost a year ago.  That needs pictures and future blogging!
I've been selling stuff on ebay and craigslist to downsize what I have to move...
So there goes my Alleghany Mountain Saddle, my Tucker Cheyenne and an Aussie saddle...
I was told that the Aussie would never sell-it did-on ebay and the new owner LOVES it!
Other items sold were new boots 
and old boots
and two "like new" side-pull halter bridles that I had for two half lingers that I owned 8 years ago...
yep...time to un-load that stuff!  Thank you EBAY!

I needed a break from all of the excitement of packing and selling sentimental things.
So we went to Tahoe.  I had never been in the 5 years that I have lived less than 2 hours away.
It was worth it...even the 15 mile bike ride along the Truckee River @ 6000 ft + elevation.
I recommend:
"Jakes by the Lake" for something tasty to eat!