Thursday, September 4, 2008

Swollen Knees


I woke up the morning after my ride on Falcon, brushed my teeth and headed downstairs to let Griffin the labradoodle out.

ERRRRRRRR well, I TRIED to head downstairs. My knees were stiff and painful, but I managed to hobble on down, and seeminly worked out the kinks.

But going back upstairs, produced pain again...I proceeded on to work, but by the end of the day, I was really hobbling and favoring my right knee.

My right knee is the one that has nerve damage from my fall from Sinwaan many years ago...and by the end of my work day it was swollen quite a bit.

Friend Peg had asked me to go to the fitness center with her, so I went, thinking that the Elliptical would be easy on my joints, but still provide exercices.

My knee did not bother me at all during the exercises, but I found that I could not go up and down steps without grimacing.

Ok, ADVIL for dessert again!

Then today, the same occurance with the right knee, only instead of being swollen over the knee cap, I just had pain, and then swelling in the BACK of my knee and also my left knee.

So, home I limped. Fed my critters, and propped my feet up for half an hour, but then I had to work the Concession stand during the JV volleyball game...TWO HOURS on my FEET.

Oh that should do WONDERS for my knees.

This is redicules. I might have to give up doing LD's and I certainly may never make it through a 50 mile ride at this rate.

Then the STRANGEST thing occurred. I worked the concession stand and did NOT have ANY knee pain or swelling. In fact the swelling behind my knee had subsided. HOW WEIRD!

Well, stormy cool weather is on its way to Luray tomorrow, so I won't be able to ride anyway and the boys get ANOTHER break.....sheessh...

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Shana said...

Sorry to hear about your knee - I didn't realize you still had damage from your fall off Sinwaan.