Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beginnings and a little bit of fear

1. Boarding facility finalized-Lakeside Equestrian on Auburn Folsom Road. I now have access to the tack room, so at some point I will take my saddle over.
The place is immaculate and seemed quiet when I was there around 10 in the a.m. The horses were still sleepy and relaxed. two boarders were there brushing out their horses and a sleepy cat meowed and brushed up against my was a good feeling to be around horses again

2. TDS equine transportation-deposit and contract sent in.

Still left to do:

3. Arrange for Falcon to have his coggins and Vet card completed so he can be shipped. I will have to wait until I get a date for the transport because the Vet card has to be during a 30 day window of the shipping. But it looks like Falcon will be shipped out around the 21rst of MAY.

4. When I get to VA in May, I need to get a tack box ready to ship with him and 3 bales of hay for the journey.

Betsy will bring him over to her place at shipping time since it is easier for a big rig to get into her place rather then Christies steep driveway on busy 340.

I have been reading the posts in this blog. Didnt even remember that I had written so much and it brought back some excitement, but also fear that Falcon is gonna dump me off on the GIGANTIC rocks that live in this area! : )

He will settle in and then I will maybe get a trainer to work with him for a few weeks since he hasnt been ridden in 2 years...

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