Monday, August 13, 2012

The Bear went over the Mountain...

Ugh,  plod plod, yup, that was me (not the horse)!
Falcon is still with the trainer.

Nevel is in the process of gaining weight and looking much better.  (pics soon but not until the temps are below 100)
So, wilst I have all of this time on my hands...HAH! I decided to get myself in shape walking 3 miles in the cool of the morn and riding my bike 8 miles in the heat of the night several nights a week.
The crowning moment was accomplishing a 10 mile hike WITH a 15lb backpack on.  It was 108 here on Sunday and so my SO and I headed to the coast with a plan to do a practice hike for our Backpacking trip next week.

These babies joined us for lunch

The accomplishment was hiking to the Northern most point of Point Reyes out of Pierce Point Farm on the Elk preserve.  Temp was 55 degrees and we layered on clothing to protect from the fog and wind.
This would be an awesome "pony" ride.  I have seen horses and their riders their on occasion.
After minor adjustments to our packs we headed down the trail.  Intermittently the fog would break and we would catch glimpses of bright spots on Tomales Bay on one side and the Pacific on the other.

 We walked and we walked and we walked up, down, level, up down level...A few herd of Elk were seen off in the distance in the shelter of the hills.  I knew it was about 4.8 miles to the point, but it seemed to take forever. At the bottom of hills it would look like the top would be the point, but when we reached the top...all we saw was another hill.

 A tune from childhood started rambling through my head...The Bear went over the mountain, the bear went over the mountain, the bear went over the mountain and what do you think he saw....he saw another mountain....he saw another mountain....

Yah, I is stuck in YOUR head now too isn't it!  : )


You can't tell from the pics, but these are VERY STEEP CLIFFS....SHEER DROP OFFS.
These dogs are TIRED!
A rest, then time to head back.  The fog was drifting in at an amazing rate of speed and drenching my hair.  Everything was dripping wet as we peered through the fog on our trudge back to the car.
Despite the fog we were fortunate to see a snake, fox and tons of Tuhle Elk.
If only I had drug my zoom lens along with me...
The Boys and...
...The Girls in the Myst.
What a welcome site it was to see the trees loom up out of the fog and the parking lot just beyond the barn!

A short drive to Point Reyes Station for a yummy supper and live bluegrass at:

Maybe I should think about Ride and Tie....naaaahhhhhh!  : )


C-ingspots said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. It's always nice to "meet" fellow horse lovers. Your hike sounds lovely, but I agree...that ride on your horse? Even better!! Those cool temps sound wonderful to me right about now, we're having a heatwave and it's right about 100 now...too hot for this cool weather gal!! Enjoy!!

Dom said...

So many stunning photos. Wow.