Monday, October 27, 2014

Limping Along

Not the horse...
Seems my yearly bout of hip bursitis chose to show up at the nicest time of year!  AGHA
And married life is making me FAT again!  LOL
Nevel isn't looking so slim himself...
I went to visit him
Here is the face that greeted me!
 Word has it that he escaped the pasture while I was over at Mammoth Lakes with other things on my mind!  The message on my phone said:  He is fine...just a "little" dirty!  Uhmmmm, more than a little.
With a face like this one...
I think his new name should be
He is as cute as ever of course!
Hows about a carrot Mr. Swampy?
Mr Swampy had to give the stink eye to a fellow pasture mate first before even THINKING about imbibing in fresh carrots and apples...

"Awwww you HAVE to go...?"

Look at him....just look at him!  How can you leave a FACE like THAT???

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