Monday, March 17, 2014

Let someone else do the work?

Once again a month and more has passed.  Blossoming trees outside my workplace taunt me
as I languish under fluorescent lights
Where does time fly?  Spring arrives in February here.  Bright red tulips cheerily wave
While my kids in Virginia dig out from a snowy bank.
 Then I split my time with friendship fair and leave behind the easy chair!  The trails are calling!
 Bright yellow poppies adorn the American River Bike Trail
Huge Lupines escaped my pause
 The American River, Low and Quiet drifts lazily under the Rainbow Bridge in Folsom
 My favorite place to stop along the Bike Trail, just North of the Cal State Aquatic Center
And then there is NEVEL!
Time to get the boy back in action 
Sunday outings are just not enough!
"What is that you say?"
" Dressed for riding?  I'm a HANDSOME dude!"
 "Wait...what did you say?"
" Endurance conditioning?  I'm listening, but I sure don't like what you are SAYING!"
 So I hired a help to take the boy down the trail a few days a week!
 Nevel is on the trail AGAIN....FINALLY!
Maybe the next report will be of an escapade with me!  : )

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