Sunday, February 26, 2017

Thwarted AGAIN! :(

It took me forever to get motivated to move out of my cozy chair, pajama's and coffee cup.
Besides, it was a bit nippy this a.m.

Finally, my desire to ride outweighed my laziness and I went and dug out my fleece lined riding pants and Smart Wool Socks.
Why I thought I needed to bundle up like I was living in Virginia still, I don't know.
I gathered up my water pack, camera, phone, sunglasses and a few snacks.
So we have SUN
We have BLUE SKY
We have a SCALPED HORSE !!!!  : (

I started brushing Nevel and his back sank away from me as he lurched away.
Unusual for Mr. Tough Back
I stood on my tippy toes and saw THIS!   : (
And THIS!  He was definitely tender on the above spot that ran about 5" long partially
down and to the right of his spine.  I had had in my mind that I would have a nice 5 or 6 mile ride today and check out the mushy trail conditions.
GRRRRRR!  So I took him to the round pen and let him frolic away some antics.
There would be no riding him today!
So, around the round pen he went-He is quite sad as you can tell.
"Enough already Mom!  I NEED GREEN GRASS!"
Sooo he ate his way up the lane to the barn.
I dug out some Betadine and wonder dust even though
his wound was dry.  I figured it couldn't hurt.  Maybe it just made me 
feel better.
Below are apple/carrot/peppermint snacks that I had made for the ponies.
I over processed the apples and carrots and the batter was quite mushy.
After much baking they were still wet so I put them in my food dehydrator.
I then discovered the dehydrator was only blowing cold air-although it did dry  up
the horse snacks a bit...then back in the oven they went-
Nice and crunchy and STICKY!
They were meant to be given to all of the horses at the barn
But they had not been Nevel & Persee approved yet.  
Turns Out Never and Persee LOVE them and GOBBLED them up.
I did manage to sneak one out to Major who was standing Forlornly in the Arena
and to Drummer who also looked forlorn and hot at the fence line-standing blanketed in what 
was now 58 degrees...dont get me started on Blanket Theory!

The Below Horse Shoe sits nailed to a post at the end of the lane where my horse trailer is parked.
I feel like I should paint it....hmmmm...stay posted!

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Lola said...

Your horse is very cute :)