Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Oh shoot.......I just found out that my son is graduating from highschool on the same day as the Old Dominion 25! Ohhhh well. Really, Falcon and I need more conditioning anyway and the latest setback has been RAIN

5 inches of rain over the weekend....when I SHOULD HAVE, COULD HAVE been riding.

BUT the sun is out I have to motivate myself to get back on the trickster horse.

He has been quite happy being a pasture potato again. I have been working on suppling and stretching his neck for treats. He is getting very good at reaching wayyyyyyyy back on the left for a treat and pretty good on the right.

Last night I had him stretch out low and long to the front. At some point maybe he would be good to teach to kneel down, so that I can board him with out ME stretching!

I think that he would be a GOOD candidate to be an official TRICK horse!

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