Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The trickster

My niece suggested that I start a blog on my adventures of my quest to do an endurance ride.

This is like keeping a diary, I suppose, and might give me a good laugh after I get to the "been there, done that" stage!

Falcon is a Paint/Arab cross, 15.2 horse. He will reach the ripe old age of 5 on June the 1rst.

Falcon came to live at Berrystone Farm when he was a year old and basically just had fun playing in the fields and harrassing the calves for 4 years.

When I realized that he was a pasture potato, I decided to sell him...but, I didnt get any interest in him since he wasn't trained to ride.

Thus began the quest to train him for endurance. His initial training session of 3 months was fair, but then he bucked me off the second time I attempted to mount him at home.

I am too old to be eating dirt, so I found another trainer-Judie Ricci of Meadowsprings Training Center in Sumerduck VA. She is an avid endurance rider/trainer and has trained several of the Asgard Arabians.

She did a marvelous job with Falcon...I needed someone to work miracles on me. I had panic attacks when I started riding again and became very tense. This stemmed from being thrown and being knocked unconcious a few years back.

After 3 months with Judie, she decided that Falcon was ready for me to bring home. From here (Feb 2008) our story will begin in future posts. Pics will be added soon.

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Shana said...

Yay! Can't wait to read future entries. :)