Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lower Humidity?

I heard tell that the Humidity was lower today! Oh, is THAT SO????
Can't prove it by me!

Red's turn again today...Falcon's too. I decided to ride Red first and get that troublesome fella's workout out of the way.

He stood nicely for saddling and then I hand walked him down the hill and along the fenceline. But as we were going down the hill, I noticed him charging up along side of me and almost knocked me over...what in de world? Turns out the Maremmas had come dashing around the corner and scared the wits out of him.

I mounted at the corner. He thought about turning around, but soon stepped out nicely for half a mile to Ruths house.

There, at the opening to the mountain trail he stopped and wouldn't budge. Then he eyed the split rail fence and started backing up, thinking that he could pin me on it. Well, sorry buddy, that just won't work. The fence is only about 2 feet high.

So, he kept backing in to her yard. I smacked him with my crop...the usual response....none...still backing up into Ruth's nicely mown grass.

Ok then, I am stubborn too, I am NOT going to get off this time. I pulled straight back on the right rein and made him circle 3 times and as we lined up with the mountain trail on the 3rd turn, I nudge strongly with my heels and whacked him hard on the butt with the crop.

I hate whacking him, but hey, it WORKED! he was confused as to which direction he was going and took off nicely at a trot up the mountain for another half a mile and then I turned him left and headed west so we could access the trail across the road from the house. When we reached the alfalfa field, he tried to run away with me towards the pasture.

So, I decided to not deal with that and halted him and hand walked him again across the road and into the woods. Once again he tried to run away as I was mounting. I quickly gained control and had to circle him again 4 times to get him headed in MY direction. This happened again at a crossroads in the trail, but then he was off moving at a fast walk and when we reached the large open field he started off with a crazy bouncy trot that throws me in to the air...I nudged him and we had a nice canter.

This time, instead of turning around after a mile, I made him go at a trot or canter around the whole perimeter of the field. He did nicely and for once actually Fox Trotted for about a half mile...then broke in to a canter, than back into a trot. But that crazy change over feels really weird, like he is lame, until he gets back in to something more normal.

Back on the woods trail he really took off smoothly until we reached the road. Crossing it, we retraced our steps and ended up with at least a 4.5-5 mile ride...slow yes, but at least we were going.

It was after 7 when we got back to the barn, and really, just too late and too sticky hot to go and ride Falcon. So Falcon gets another break. Hope to post some pictures soon with Mr Red in his new tack.

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Shana said...

Good for you for making some more progress with him! Glad you blogged it after all :)