Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Kid on the block

The plan was for neice Shana to ride with me at the Virginia Highlands Endurance Challange while she was on the East coast in Aug.

Great plan, no horse. Both of us contacted people who might be willing to share a horse. Dead Ends everywhere.

Finally, I was able to follow up on two leads. One woman with a black arab G. Sounded great at first until she blurted out that the horse was afraid of most adults and also small spaces....NOT!

Candidate # 2 was a Missouri Fox Trotter being pony clubbed, but not working out in that dept and owner was willing to let me have him on a trial or lease basis, but they also wanted to sell him to the "right" home.

I linked them to my web site and also talked with them and on Sat. 7/12 they brought "RED DOG DAN" out to my place.

He is a handsome boy....and uh, well now I am the owner.

I took him out for a ride on Sat. night and he handled very well. Beautiful Canter but all mixed up with his trot gaits.

On Monday and Tues. we went out again. LSD work up the small mountain and also 5 miles out around a pasture across the street and through the woods.

He is a very nice boy. Goes right along nicely through water, tall grass etc.

Looks like I will be riding everyday trying to get both he and Falcon in to shape for the Mountains of the New River Valley.

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Shana said...

You are going to be so fit you will put me to shame on this ride. Thank you so much for everything!!!