Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another Ride

Temps were about 64. Breezy, and threatening to rain.
Betsy arrived around 3:45 and Karen arrived at about 4:15. We saddled up and headed out. This time for a much shorter ride.

I took them up my usual trail to the radio tower and then over the east side of Piney Mt. We didnt take any of the side trails that dead end. I kind of wanted to because they add and extra mile or two to the ride.

But Betsy and Karen were both still very sore from trudging down the mountain on Sunday. I guess I am in better shape since I don't smoke and I have been working out on the Elliptical at the gym several days a week.

When we reached Valleyburg Road, there were HUGE rocks across the trail and also some wooden thing and some metal.

The Rocks had been there on Friday and Falcon had jumped over them, but Betsy moved the metal that was now there and we were able to walk to the left of the rocks under some branches of a tree to access the road.

At this point, Gemma the Maremma came dashing around the corner, happy that she had caught up with us. She must be a glutton for punishment, but she loves to go with the horses.

Betsy and Tris are really good at going at a "sitting trot" pace. It is a nice relaxed slow jog that covers ground without using up tons of energy. Falcon eventually relaxed, lowered his head and settled in as well, but his legs are so much longer that his sitting trot is a lot faster than Tris's.

We were able to keep up that pace for about 1.3 miles after which we walked another
.3 mile to the Jacobsons driveway, then trotted again until we reached our woods trail.

IT was a nice 4.7 mile ride. I actually felt like I could do more at the time, but now that I am in the stiff neck returns to my conscience...I am scheduled for a MRI tomorrow of my head and neck.

We turned Red out with Falcon and Tris. No excitement occurred to speak of and in a few days, Dakota will be added to the mix and if all goes well we will open the gates and let them all have access to the barn again.

Betsy and Ed also fixed my electical sockets that were filled with Mud Daubers nests.

Karen is taking my twisted and ripped up Western saddle to a saddle repair shop in Warrenton on her way to work tomorrow....

So making these new friends has helped me it is good to have someone to ride with again!

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Shana said...

Sounds neat, I am glad you are getting out and riding with other motivated people. Keep it up and you will be all set for the next ride :)