Friday, October 10, 2008

More Riding

At 10 a.m., I received a call at work that my horses were out roaming in the road and could I please come round them up.

I tried to call Betsy, since she lives closer, then I am at the hospital. But she didnt answer her cell phone, so I ran out and sped homeward. I stopped at the Turners place and Emily was closing a gate to one of their fields. There were hoof prints, but no horses.

Emily said that she is afraid of cows and horses and didnt know what to do, but had run across the street and told Mr. Moyer that there were horses out.

I had passed Mr Moyer in his dump truck while speeding up the road and he waved and smiled and certainly hadnt flagged me down....

Then I asked Emily if she had seen where the horses had gone...welllll, she said, the gray one went THAT way, pointing across the road.

I breathed a sigh of relief....I dont have a gray horse couldnt be mine. So I stood on my tiptoes and peered across the fields to my pastures and there stood all of my horses, swishing tails and munching grass....shooowheeeeeeeee.

So apparently, they were Moyers horses and he had caught them and had gone on his merry way. Back to work I went and was happy to head home again at 3 pm, knowing that my horses would be where they belonged.

Karen was basically on time today...yeahhhhh, but hhhmmm smelled a bit like beer?

Well, I would keep an eye on her and Red. She actually was ready to go before I was.
I pondered taking her on a different trail and then opted not to, deciding to do the regular trail once again to familiarize her more with it in case she went riding without me.

We sauntered along, all of us needing a quiet ride without any mishaps. I did decide to do the side trails on the east side of Piney Mt and that added an extra mile to the ride as well.

We trotted along Summers until we reached Rosedale. I asked Karen if she wanted to do it...she was undecided and I kept Falcon trotting, but at the last min. as we were just about to pass Rosedale, I turned Falcon up it and we continued with our nice steady trot to the end, said hello to Mr. Black Stallion, let our ponies munch some green grass while a car passed and then we turned and headed back to Summers.

Temps were once again about 70. Very sunny, not a cloud in the sky. I told Karen that the next time we ride Summers Road in the afternoon that we will have to come from the opposite direction so that we arent blinded by the afternoon sun.

We had a lovely, uneventful ride and put in 7.2 miles in about an hour and 10 min.

Dakota was hollering for us when we returned, but he is still to be alone until Betsy decides that Tristana can be with him. So far introductions and living in a pasture with Red and Falcon have been uneventful for her.

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Shana said...

Sounds like a nice ride, and lovely weather! It is getting cold here already.