Saturday, December 29, 2012

The "M.G." went to the field with me today to see the "ponies"
M.G. has not been around horses much and he was amazed at their winter "furry-ness"

We opted to take a "leisurely" walk with them up the lane.
Nevel was being pushy and a little spooky and I told M.G. to boss him around.
I need to get Nevel in the round pen and teach him some manners!

We took them across the road for the first time.
Falcon immediately started blowing some, but was not too alarmed with the new surroundings.
We started down the trail, but decided to turn back when we reached the creek.

A few people were out riding and M.G. has been pushing me to ride Falcon before 2012 ends.
However...that is not my goal.  (I don't have a goal)  : )
Whatever will be will be.
Regardless it was a lovely day to be outside.

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