Saturday, December 15, 2012

Time in the Saddle

My time in the saddle this year was approximately a total of ONE hour.  Surely there is an award for THAT?


Considering that my hopes were dashed to shreds following lameness and bad trainer issues, I think I have made a lot of progress...or someone has made a lot of progress.

I am happy to report that Falcon is coming along nicely with the new trainer who says he can't understand why someone though Falcon wasn't trainable...the trainer really likes Falcon...who is willing and has a good temperament despite his spookiness.

Falcon is still having some lameness issues which I hope gets corrected with the next trimming...we will see...if not, maybe another X-ray and Opinion.  But his feet have come a long way since we brought him to the new farm.

I trust the new trainer enough to have him work with Nevel, who has now filled out and grown up enough to carry my weight.  But that can wait til spring.
The days are so short that I barely have time to run out after work and feed them and brush the prickly stuff out of their manes and tails.

And now that I have a week off?  It is RAINING AGAIN!!!

I have been asked if I will ride Falcon this year.  Maybe, but this year is almost gone and I will start working him myself from the ground this week if the rain holds off.  Even that is a major improvement since I was having fear issues with myself when I was around him.

It is a good feeling to be bonding with Mr. Falcon again.

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Christine said...

Wow, surely there is an award?! That's impressive ;)

I think I can top it by 2 hours... my old man has been retired for awhile, I introduced my husband to horses on a trail ride.. and now am unable to ride due to a head injury!

Bring on more hours in the saddle in 2013!