Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lu-pin ? Lu -pine?

Any way ya say it...
Is just fine!
I am calling it LUPINE Church!  I just continue to be amazed by the swaths of Lupine at Folsom Lake
Every Hummock
 Every Vale
 Lupine on EVERY trail!
 Falcon takes a look
at a fast speeding boat
Blowing by the rippling nook
 He was a good boy
But always aware
In case a fat snake slithered "there"
59 degrees on the early morning trail
But temps rose to 81 in simply 2 hours.
Other flowers have popped out along the trail.
There seems to be a new series of them every week.
I am still learning their names-so correct me if I am wrong...
Mules Ears
 Pretty Face
 Fairy Lanterns
Coreopsis and Monkey flowers
 Falcon was quite relaxed for once
Enjoying our saunter.
...That is...
Until we reached the series of "gates"
on the return home.
Rush, rush, rush
He is just sure that he will be eaten
or struck at by a lovely rattlesnake
when he passes through.

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