Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The New Chics

I went to the feed store on Sunday to get a salt block for the "ponies"
One of the guys there asked if he could help-like-"do you need any chics?"

Me:  "Not Really, I  have decided 2 hens are enough for city life."
He:  "Well we need to get rid of some-are you sure you don't want a couple?"
Me:  "Do you have any Americana's?  No? Buff Orpingtons?"
He:  "Buffs, can I throw some in a bag for you?"
Me:  "A BAG?  I have never taken Chics home in a BAG!"
He:  "We are out of boxes!"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I have TWO mothers NOW?
(Muff and Quill are lecturing Poppy on Chicken Run behaviors.)
 Muff-my Salmon Favorelle had been setting on "eggs" (I kept taking the eggs since they are not fertilized)  When I brought the two new chicks home I put them under her and within a second- she BLITZED out a PECK PECK PECK at ME-fluffed herself to the fullest and CLAIMED those chicks.

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