Sunday, May 4, 2014

Just another Magic...Sunday...Sunday : )

My rides are few and far between
And unfortunately,
I lost my "person" that was riding Nevel
So much drama that seems to go on in the horsie world.
I manage to get a Sunday in here and there....sigh...

Spring flowers are still blossoming brightly, pinks, purples, whites and yellows...
 The grass is starting to brown at the lake but the Lupines seem to be in full force
 Quite a lovely scent emerges from the Lupine and I am ecstatic that they were still blooming today.
 Nevel took a sniff and snorted an exhale and a half whinny.  No other "ponies in sight here!"
 We passed several families with small children eating apples....Nevel tried stopping by one of them, but I urged him on.  I didn't want him nibbling on little fingers...and besides the dad swung his hiking stick around and Nevel gave a little start...the dad apologized and I explained that a move like that encourages the HORSE to move..

We had a nice trot up to Horseshoe Bar then turned to come back.  We passed several riders going the way we had just come and Nevel stood nicely to the side to let them pass...after that though he tried to back up and turn around and go with them.  Thankfully he decided that "home" was the better choice.
I let him take of and he was doing a flying trot up the trail when he came to a jolting stop!  UGH...that HURT.  A tall thin stump ahead seemed to have startled him, but as I tried to encourage him to move on, he snorted and blew and wheeled around.  He tried to keep moving but thankfully he listened and turned to face the "beast"  The same sequence occurred 4 times before I was able to get him to head home.  He was not looking at the stump...but a mound of what looked like mulch or something that looked like it had been freshly dug about in...maybe a bear or other evil forest critter had been there before we rounded the clue...but at least he didn't dump me and leave me in the dust!  : P

Next was the bridge.  We had already crossed it coming the other way, but for some reason going home across it looked scary.  Thankfully he didn't balk.
 Put his head down and dutifully plodded across it.  So we ended up with a nice little 6 mile jaunt
On a perfectly fantastic 65-70 degree day under bright blue skies!  Sunday Sunday...not looking forward to Monday Monday!

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