Saturday, August 12, 2017

I think I'm gonna DIE!

The weather has cooled down
70's and 80's to start the day
No triple digits.
Im looking forward to a nice 10 mile+ ride
on Nevel today...

I felt nauseous on the drive up
I felt very warm while saddling Nevel...
It was only about 76 degrees.

I persisted and walked him down the road to the trail.
Barely dragging myself on-He stood still.
Down the trail we went-Barefoot.
We rode to the lake, where the trail bends around
He has to hop down a rock ledge and doesn't want too...

Nevs tries his backing stunt
Then his whirl around stunt
I cropped him and made him stand at the tiny ledge
Managed to snap a nice picture for once!

Finally I give up and get off and lead him up a small hill
through the rocks.
I feel overwhelmingly hot!
How can this be...its not THAT hot
Plus I have electrolytes!  Im prepared
But I'm hotter than Hades And getting dizzy.
Some how I get back on Nevs.  I start having an Asthma attack
I can't get my air...whatttt?    I haven't had an attack in YEARS.
Plus I am having major can THAT be?  Is this a heart ATTACK?
GALLBLADDER attack?  I can't think, nor breathe very well. I feel like everything is going BLACK....
I'm GOING TO DIE out here less than two miles from the barn!
The rest I don't remember, I kinda slumped on Nevel while still trying to get air...
I heard a little kid, far below us say...."look Tommy!  a HORSE!"
After that I was at Horseshoe Bar Road, not remembering going up the steep hill at all.
Nevs sauntered us home, I could breathe and I wasn't so hot anymore.  But I had a horrible headache!
Nevs found some tasty grass to eat on the corner and I just sat and felt very comfortable in the saddle while he ate.

Whats up with those Mail boxes...and this Lemon Tree?
The Lane was a welcome sight and we only did 3 miles which included the walk up to the barn to give Nevs a shower and sheath/bean cleaning...yuk!

I didn't want to press my luck by riding Persee, so hopefully tomorrow...tomorrow
Guess I need to purchase some head and neck coolers and figure out what is going on with my metabolism and such.  Last weekend I rode 16 miles (bike) at 6000 feet one day,  10 miles the next and then on the third day we hiked 5 miles with a 1300 ft elevation gain at 7000 ft...I did fine, no issues at all!  It WAS cooler, but STILL....  : (

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