Monday, July 30, 2012

Mud Dauber

I decided I had been doing too much I took it off.

The 4 big carrots in my lunch bag were threatening to grow roots and so I finally made it out to see the horses.  Falcon first since he is about 1.5 miles south of where Nevel is.   Darn!  J had just finished riding him and he was back in his paddock.  I think his new name should be "Mud Dauber."
J had hosed him off and he had promptly rolled in the dust and was thoroughly caked with mud.
Wish I had my camera!  Anyway, he knickered softly and gladly reached wayyyy back to the left to get a carrot and then wayyyyyy back to the right for the other one.
J says he has been behaving nicely and he will be getting his hind shoes on tomorrow.   However I don't know how much trail he will get this week with the temps in the triple digits.  Also J leaves on Friday to ride the TEVIS on a clients horse.

Next on to Mr Nevel Nuts as he is now called.  He was covered with caked on dust as well and He promptly came to me looking for carrots, but I made him walk to the car with me to get them.
I spent some time fly spraying, brushing him and picking out his feet-debating on whether or not to put him in the round pen.  I did, and he started out nicely for a bit, but when I pushed him he bucked like a silly boy.  Really it is the only exercise he gets at a good pace.  It was so dusty and I was dripping sweat just standing there, so his exercise was short lived-snacks and another carrot and back to the paddock for him.

The rest of the week is threatening high 90's and maybe even some triple digits-

Guess the boys get to be Mud Daubers for the rest of the week and besides...Mud is the best fly protection around!

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