Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rattlesnake Bar

YES there ARE rattlesnakes on the trail!  Yikes!  I was hiking though, wishing I were riding instead...well, maybe someday....Tomorrow (now that my massive case of poison oak has subsided) I hope to get a saddle back on Mr. Nevel and do some ground driving.  In the meantime a hike was on the menu for today to further explore trails that I want to ride.

Sour Berries!  : )

Yikes...REALLY?  Don't remind me!

Golden grasses
Gleaming in the light.
 And then....This is why they call it RATTLESNAKE BAR!!!!!

This guy was hogging the trail
here is the NASTY star thistle that invaded the trail @ about 2.6 miles.  

We hiked maybe a 2/10 ths of a mile then turned back in pain and bleeding from the darn things.  I certainly would not ride my horse through that!
 My other grievence of the day were the mass of noisy boaters.  So much for trying to find some peace and quiet in the wilderness!
But the breeze and views of the lake were awesome.


irish horse said...

You certainly got to experience the wildlife! I almost never see snakes on horseback, they probably feel us coming. The star thistle is awful past Mormon Ravine, soon they'll mow it, but spring is best. But the berries are worth it, soon they'll all be ripe and it is fun to share them with the horses. Glad you're exploring!

falconfeathers said... was that big meadowy place past Mormons Ravine. Glad to hear that they mow it.

Shana said...

I look forward to more posts about Nevel :) I enjoyed all yer photos from this exploration!