Saturday, July 7, 2012

Since it is a blistering 100 degrees...

...not fit for man or beast, I decided to do some reminiscing and found some poor quality pics from a friend of mine in Virginia. 
 She had taken them on several of our "training" rides up in to the Shenandoah National Park. 

Red is praying that we are NOT going to make him clamber up that water-fall!  : )


 Our training rides for our 30 mile LD were 20 miles on the weekends and 5-10 during the week.  Looking at the pics flushes back the memories of the beautiful weather on the days that they were taken...
You may want to note in the pic taken above that Red's feet are wrapped with DUCT tape...yep...his easy boots wouldnt stay on very well...and then there was DUCT tape....I wouldnt recommend it!  : )

Fall and short sleeves...amongst the red and orange leaves!  YEH sometimes I DO miss Virginia!

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