Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Escaping the Heat and Depression

It was quite miserably hot this past weekend.  My partially de-gloved finger was stinging like hell fire
Maybe I will remember to wear gloves if I ever ride again!
(this might be a gross pic for some of you! But I have pretty flowers at the end of the post!)
I felt ill Friday and Saturday-and perched on an icepack all of Saturday.  I could barely move and the pain in my left back was tempered only with ibuprofen.
X-rays said I wasn't broken-but a week out and feeling worse?

In the evening the SO and I went over and fed the ponies some carrots and apples.  The flies were attacking them and we walked Falcon up to the barn for a good dosing of fly spray.  Amazingly I felt fine while walking.  Sitting was my downfall.  I brought the spray back to the pasture with us and gave Nevel a good dose as well.

On Sunday I really needed a break and something to take my mind away from my continued horsey depression drama.

Point Reyes National Seashore was the answer-a 35 degree temperature difference too-on the cool and windy side-WOW what a difference from home!  It was mostly foggy-but the air was fresh!

Douglas Iris claimed the hillsides
 Seals and their pups claimed the Sand
A few gulls claimed the Surf.
 Handsome Elk grazed on the cliffs above Drakes Bay
 The old boat still clings on in fragile repose in Inverness
 The heady perfumed scent of thousands of yellow bush lupine superseded the salty ocean air
 and gazillions of other spring flowers could be found everywhere!
Ice Plant
Silly Snotty Seals
Mr Handsome
Pretty in Pink
Walking on the Edge
I Love Point Reyes!

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L.Williams said...

oo Point Reyes I also like Point Reyes, hope your hand heals up!