Sunday, May 19, 2013

I Can't Ride

It has been two weeks and my left side is still torn up and painful.  I am setting a goal to ride next week end at some point-even if it is to just walk around the arena.
In the meantime I can hike.  Yesterday we parked at the lower staging area on Lomida and hiked 6 miles-the trail that I like to ride on and the one that I doubt I will ever ride on again:
Flowers are still blooming and Bees a-buzzing
The metal heap by the side of the trail is overgrown with grass
The yellow version of poppies are now blooming
 A challenging area of the trail which Falcon has actually maneuvered beautifully
The Folsom Lake at the end of the rocky trail
The trail (Pioneer Express Trail) where Falcon spooked and dumped me
Actually he dumped me after we got out of the below chute.
The picture does not demonstrate how narrow this trail is
 This portion of trail is really only wide enough for a horse.
My leg scraped on one of the walls/root and managed to terrify Falcon
 The lake was beautiful in the early evening
 The M.G. did not believe that I knew where I was going and tried to head 
for the Sterling Point staging area.  He was suspicious when I headed in the opposite direction
towards Barking Dog trail (or whatever it is called)
But I knew where I was going!
M RIGHT!  ha ha
Afterwards we drove over and fed the "Ponies some snacks"
"Hey Freeman-get away from my snack girl!"
"You gotta apple for me?"

"Nevel-you don't deserve one!"

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