Sunday, May 5, 2013

I thought I was fine...

after my fall yesterday-nothing hurt at all except my bottom lip-
Today-of course a different story.
Sore left shoulder, hip and thigh-

Ok, at least it was my left side
In the past it has always been the right

It is good to be balanced!

Where is my ADVIL?

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Tammy Vasa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog ( I have been perusing yours and noticed that you may have been at Folsom Lake SRA? My CA geography is awful but if my googling is correct, that is about 35 miles from Herald, CA. Why you ask? I have a very good friend who transplanted from Nebraska to Herald and is still trying to network for trail riding & camping buddies. Her name is Sheila and if you follow our Distance Derby, she is Team 7 - her bio is here: . If you ever want to make a connection, I would be glad to introduce via email.

Sorry about your tumble - I think my water landing was a bit better. Sounds like you have the same fear of snakes as I do. They aren't poisonous here but I might likely die of fear should I encounter even the smallest serpent on the trail.