Saturday, June 1, 2013

Appropriate Titles?

I started this blog back in May of 08 in high hopes of doing Limited Distance and maybe even some 50 mile rides.  I felt that major adrenaline rush of being in a race.  It was an awesome experience and on the 2nd ride we placed in the middle of the pack.

Falcon and I made it through 2 LD's without major mishap the following fall.  The following spring I fell off of him when we were stung with a spray of gravel (and he spooked) from a stupid truck driver.
I broke three ribs and laid around feeling sorry for myself, found a new job and moved to CA from VA.

A few years later Falcon made it out here...but our story has remained BUSTED.  I don't feel the need to do endurance or LD's anymore, but I DO want to ride.
My last bump off of Falcon a few weeks ago resulted in a very sore and bruised body.  The doc initially said no fractures, but my BUTT has remained very sore on the right with continued muscle lock ups in my right leg while driving or sitting for lengthy periods.  Interestingly enough I can hike and walk about just fine.

Now I have just found out that further review of the X-rays explains my "pain in the butt"  a hairline fracture in my right lower pelvis.

There is nothing to do for pelvis fractures really.  If they are bad enough you get to lay in bed for a number of weeks.  Mine is hairline so I can keep moving, but riding would not be an ideal thing to do.

I have been hiking and working on the elliptical and started working on my core and arm strength again-the ever raging battle against AGING!

Hopefully, if I ever get to sit on my ponies again, I will be able to STAY ON!


irish horse said...

I'm sorry you're discouraged, but I think you're on the right path. Get healed, get stronger, and take it from there. I know I was so discouraged with Major in the beginning, wondering if I was up for it. Some days I still do! You just are having your bump in the road in the middle! When you're up for it I'll join you on a hike, walking our horses like dogs. It's a good way to get out there.

Bird said...

That is frustrating for sure. I know that feeling of trying to get somewhere and getting continual setbacks..but as long as it inspires and excites you the struggle is worth it!

Hope you heal swiftly and well and are in the saddle soon.

Karen Burch said...

The difference from how we think about ourselves to how our aged bodies actually behave is miles apart. Bummer about the broken pelvis. I too am fighting the mental battle between what I thought I wanted to do with my horse and what I find myself currently doing with my horse.

SunnySD said...

I miss the days when I bounced right back from a fall - now I climb on the questionable ones (which some days is all of them) with a tiny worry in the back of my head, and breath a sigh of relief when I make it back to the ground under my own power. It's still a rush, though... And just being out there with them makes me happy. Plus, what in the world would I do with all the money I'd save without them - lol!