Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

I almost lost my daddy today...He still isn't out of the woods yet.
My dad taught me math...biology...geometry...algebra...
Every time I would move up a grade in school it seemed like he got another degree of his own.
He made me work
I hated him LOTS of times
But he taught me to love the fields
To look up at the stars
To love mosses, lichens, birds and trees...
Yep, I almost lost him today...that "Ole Goat"
82-severely dehydrated/pneumonia after working out in his garden in humid heat of N.C on Fathers Day.
I sent him this video that I made for him -thankfully he viewed it while still lucid.  A Cousin hopefully got him to the hospital in time.  It is hard to live 2800 miles from him-cant get there quick enough!

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L.Williams said...

:( I hope your dad gets better