Monday, July 15, 2013

Montana Calling

I can't believe a month has passed since I last blogged.
But I spent two weeks in Montana and Alberta Canada...I took over 3000 pics-but will only blog a few : )  I will blog separate photos of Alberta-later
                                                                     Bear Grass
Montana=Where they grow Idaho Seed potatoes!
Mountain Goats at Glacier
 (I took about 400 pics of the goats, these babies were playing for over half an hour on the rock)

 Bison (a little too close for comfort) at the National Bison Range
 Where the Antelope play
 Hay field behind my mom's place
 Butterflies on the Thistles
 A view of the Mission Mountain Range behind my mom's house
 Back yard critters
 Field across from my mom's place
 Fields of Daisies everywhere!
 The neighbor's horse
 Elk in the river
 Montana Sky
 Logan Pass-Glacier National Park
The goat was coming straight at me-but looking down at other hikers.
 Hey-YOU- get outa' my path!
 Big Horn Sheep roaming around at the Logan Pass visitors center
 Waterfall="Going to the Sun" road-Glacier National Park
 4th of July Celebrants
In Montana-at least I don't have to "drip dry"
 Hidden Lake-Glacier-Many of the goats frequent this trail to the lake
 Baby Goat near the trail
 Grizzly cub...and no sign of momma???
I didn't get out of the car to look for her either!
 Agha!  You frightened me!!!!~
 Field behind my mom's place-Mission Mountain Range
 The barn in the distance is popular amongst photographers
 Ground Squirrel at Logan Pass
 St Mary Lake-Glacier
 A different way to stack the hay?
 Cowboy on the loose

 Cow on the loose!


Karen Burch said...

I love how the sky never stops in Montana.

irish horse said...

Gorgeous, and welcome back. Looks like more snow than when I was there last year. Great animal photos, don't know how you could choose just a few to share!