Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The skies did not look promising as we ventured northward...
 The Canadian Officials were friendly and quickly waved us on...
 Clouds billowed and darkened as rain began spattering down
Temperatures had plummeted
We opted to stop as hail began pelting the car
 This was a fun museum with interactive exhibits for all ages.
Lifelike horses
 The Landau Carriage, my Step-dad is building one of these
 Potions for worming horses and other horsey aids
 The wonderful scent of the harnesses
 The Stable
 Wheels ready for a carriage
 Warty nose and whiskers!
 Then we headed towards the Town Site of Waterton Lakes

Chili nights called for warm drinks!

The Next Day was much brighter 
This place offered a most fabulous trail ride across 3000 acres of wildflower meadows
woods, creeks and cows!
This Grizzly bear track in the Mountain Meadow Lodge
did not give me any encouragement about bears lurking about
Ponies are ready
 On the trail with our guide Tacee (on the buckskin)
 Horses on the far hill
 Venturing down a steep hill

 Even the ground squirrel gets to live amongst the flowers!
International Border
The border is cut right up and over the mountain.
Old Man's Whiskers
 Even the clover seemed brighter

 Waterton Lake
 Snow Creviced Peaks
 More Fabulous wildflowers
And after almost two weeks in bear country without 
sighting a bear, this little fella graced us with his presence
just before we crossed back in to the USA.
Wishing this trip hadn't ended so soon.
But I guess it is time for me to visit my own "ponies!"


Dom said...

Wow. Talk about gorgeous.

falconfeathers said...

The Canadian Prairies sweep up in to the Canadian Rockies and it is sooo beautiful. It isn't highly populated...maybe the winters are a bit rough? : )