Sunday, July 28, 2013

Back on the Farm

I think it had been two months since I had seen the horses
So it was nice to finally get back out to the farm to see them.
I was late and Mike had already worked Nevel pretty hard in the round pen
But as soon as I drove up Nevel strode over to the gate and happily nuzzled and loved on me.
It was probably the appropriate timing for me to get there since I could take his saddle off
Spray him down and give him love and snacks
"Hey Mom how do I look?"
"Not very good have a post in your head"
 "How is this?  Handsome aren't I!"
Pretty flowers growing in the pasture
 The new bridle from Muley Bluz
Guess I will try it on Nevel next time I am out.
 I tried the plantation saddle on Falcon
It fits him well, but is still stiff,
It has a nice deep seat-maybe I will be able to sit his massive spooks
better than in the AMTS saddle.
But I still haven't decided whether it is worth my bones to ride him again.
Falcon seems to be practicing some dressage moves
 Heading back to the herd after a bath and some carrots

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