Sunday, October 13, 2013


I finally broke down and ordered some Cavello Boots for Mr. Nevel, his pasture is just too soft and doesn't allow him to naturally keep his feet tough.

After little ride I measured his feet for the they have been ordered.  I wanted purple-they were on sale...but out of stock, Web site told me to pick something else, so I picked red-they were on sale too-same I resorted to the black at "FULL PRICE" which amounted to 88$ more than they would have been at sale price.  Guess next time I will get my butt in gear when I see a sale on the horizon!

I also put Falcon in the round pen with a saddle on.  He hasn't been ridden in several months and certainly not by me since May.  He was pretty quiet and behaved, but still intermittently off on the left front.  
The pic below is of happier days with Falcon when I lived in Virginia and would go riding with my two Maremmas-Cola and Gemma

It is a beautiful fall day!  Happy Trails!

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