Monday, October 7, 2013

More Time AWAY

Do I have ADD?
I don't think so, but my poor horses have even less attention than usual!
*First-Labor Day backpacking trip to Mt Langley

*Second-unexpected invite to go to Bishop last weekend to catch fall colors before they disappeared (according to the "Fall Color" report)  The colors were disappointing, but two days away was still nice. And there were some REALLY cool CLOUDS!
"Sky Lashes"
 A cold windy night in a tent
A tough hike to Lamark Lakes
 Big Wind gusts at the lake
 And more cool clouds-this one is over Mono Lake
 And these were near South Lake Tahoe
*Third the PLANNED trip to the Bishop area for fall colors-I ended up being alone :(
Well, except for Griffin...The boy is ready to go...NOT!!!
We visited the South Lake Tufa (Mono Lake)

When you take 1000 do you choose...
Icy mornings at Mammoth Lakes
 Road to North Lake-Colors popping
 Grass Lake-a hike to 10,000 ft
 Shared Turkey and Swiss
We didn't see another soul on this hike.  Quiet and Peaceful.
 Griffin enjoyed the views as much as I did
 North Lake-most colors were past peak due to an early snow/wind storm the week before
 And then there was THIS
All campgrounds and "toilets" were closed, gated and padlocked
It didn't stop me or others from parking where we could and hiking/fishing/photographing.
A park ranger was driving around North Lake but did not ask anyone to leave.
We wouldn't have anyway.  I pay BIG California Taxes and I am going to enjoy the environment if I want to.
Honestly I think we all should revolt against this instead of people using the outhouse find TP by every rock and tree?
 Griff is tired after hiking 6+ miles.  Mother Earth provides a comfy leafy bed

 Along the trail at Long Lake in Rock Creek Canyon
 What is this?  A DOG park?  Griff found many new friends at this popular lake
 Silver Lake on the June Lake loop.
A nice trip-but I would rather not do it alone.


irish horse said...

lovely photos. I've never been to Mono lake, must put it on my list! Sorry you're alone. I like to think of the difference between being "by myself", and being "alone". I've had enough years of "alone" that I changed my mind about the whole thing, and became "by myself". Now I do have someone in my life, but try to maintain those thoughts. All the best. (And I love your dog and all his gear!)

falconfeathers said...

Yes you MUST go to Mono Lake! It is a really cool place. I have been there several times and it is always a different. Windy, sunny, cloudy, stormy, etc. The South Tufa & Navy beach is about 6 or so miles southeast of the visitors center and provides the most interesting areas to explore.

I still need to get there at sunrise.