Tuesday, November 8, 2016

continued Saddle stories

I bought Persee from Oklahoma sight unseen-well except for pics.
He is a plantation saddle fits him ok.  But I need a shorter girth/cinch.

Now I am buying a saddle unseen-or un-tried.
It is a big risk for me, having never sat in a Sommer saddle.
But what I do know is that the saddle will fit Persee because his breeder did wither tracings for me and also rode him in her Sommer Spirit DS before shipping him,  the bars are wide and broad and the gullet is extra wide- It may even fit Nevel.

At present it is almost ready for production as soon as I give them a deposit tomorrow ; ).
Below is a pic of what it might look like- but the real color will be black and Bordeaux- this drawing looks pink.  The Bordeaux will be tooled but the Germans call it Montana Bordeaux!  There will also be Montana on the back of the saddle.
Fine with me!  I love Montana!

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