Friday, November 18, 2016

More ugly at the ranch

last week
So my car was blocking passage
Albeit temporarily
And when I parked there
To unload my grain
Not a soul was in sight.
So I happily started ziplocking grain
Instead of my 57y/o self trying to carry
50 lb sacks!

So S & Bleu arrive and pass by
Between car and building
Bleu is a BIG horse.
I ask if I should move car.
S and Bleu are happy
Nope is the answer.

So I finish zipping and labeling
Then still
Must carry 2 50lb sacks to container.
1 down
1 to go

Another certain person walks up
And says I should move my car
It is blocking her way
And SHE wouldn't THINK
Of walking her little horsey
Through narrow passage
( how in the heck does she manage the trails?)

Oh, by the way,
Her horse was in cross ties
She had come around the other side
Of the building already!  Huh?
So I need to move my car immediately?

I bite my tongue instead
I despise drama
So I vent here...
But I did also vent to the barn owner.
She told me I should feel like I need
To move my tack out of the barn
But I did anyway.

And now I am headed to Montana again
10 days to help care for mom.
Will post some pics of frigid Montan soon.
Then hopefully
Back in town to play with my ponies.

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