Saturday, June 10, 2017

High Hopes

Beautiful weather!

I had HIGH HOPES to take NEvel on another 10 mile ride today!
But Alas...look closely...can you see it?
Bottom right corner here...
Outline of a SHOE!
Yes, Nevel ripped his Left Fore off in the water tank!  aha!  I just had it put back on LAST WEEK!
Not even glue held it on!  What next!
So Nevel gets supplements and food and grass and snacks!  grrrrrrrr!
Maybe a new shoe on Monday...

Ok Persee...what about you?  Up for an arena workout?
We had a nice lunging and riding session in the arena, minimal spooking, but one pretty good sized one at the corner.
Then we went out for a walk down the lane and to the Big Wood to see how Persee would do.
We meandered past the stables and past the spooky big drain next to the road then crossed and walked on over to the creek that was teaming with life...Tadpoles and various colored dragonflies...I missed getting a pic of the bright red one.

Persee found grass...that is all that mattered to him.

The fields are dry now...yet brightly colored flowers still peek through

Persee found plenty to eat here too.
Is that smoke signals I see?  I believe Nevel is calling me home!"

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