Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Crazy weather crazy unmountable horse

My friend Peggy and I went riding on Sat. for a two hour amble around some fields and through the woods. Falcon was well behaved and gave me no trouble atall.

Then today my "Craigs List" aquaintance came over today to meet and to ride. Falcon was good for saddling but got ornery when I went to mount, so I brought him around and started over, but Karen held him for me, so I don't know if he would have stood still or not, then he bunched up and acted agayne like he might buck, and he backed up and tried to get light on his front feet when I tried to make him stand still after mounting.

Karen had a new saddle and had to do all kinds of adjustments and Falcon was out of control not standing still, so I had to keep circling him. After we got moving he was fine while walking and ornery while trotting, so we mainly walked.

I took Karen up a new trail that I had never been on and it was STRAIGHT UP the mountain and Falcon wanted to turn around midstream, but I encouraged him to go and he did and followed the dogs right up to the the ridge where the trail was not so stressful.

After that he was well behaved and stood still when asked. It started SLEETING. IT was a COLD COLD day. yesterday it was 50. This weather is nuts. Anyway, we rode for about an hour and stopped at Gregs and talked with him for a spell while he was out seeding grass.

Karen said she hadn't ridden since last may and was so excited to get off and not be stiff. (She did have a difficult time getting on though and it served her right, cause she said I was "cheating", because I led falcon to where I can stand on the hill and he is lower where I can more easily board him! ) hee oh ho.So Karen said that Dakota was great to ride, but seemed stiff in his left rear. So maybe he has other joint issues, dunno. The "boys" will get a break for at least a day.

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