Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yesterday I decided to go for a ride on Falcon. He bitted and saddled nicely, but then swung his body away from me and would not let me mount. grrrr, I kept bringing him back in to position and he would do the same thing.

He is like a kid, always seeing what he can get away with. But then he is also mainly very sweet natured. So I said, ok buddy, we are going for a walk. So I led him up by the house where Oriel was hurling herself at the window trying to get out and attack Falcon to protect me. So that freaked Falcon out, but we kept walking and he was all spooky til we got past the chicken house and started walking down gregs driveway back in to the woods.

Halfway back, he seemed calmer, so I checked the girth and then mounted right up wilst he stood stock still.He was well behaved and interested as we took off up the mountain at a walk and trotted some too. the 4 big white dogs galloped along behind us or off into the woods now and agayne. He also tried to jump two logs instead of walking over them. I guess I should have jumped, but I am not ready for that and never did like jumping. Also too many rocks./ We did some cantering, but there are so many rocks up on the mountain that I had to make him walk mostly.
On the way there is an incline that is all rock and he plowed right up it. Coming down he tried to TROT over it. And also tried to trot halfway down the mountain. I had to keep making him stop, turn around , whoah etc. After awhile he decided he would listen. At one point he tried to head right and go home the way we had come, but I had other plans for him and turned him back left and went by Gregs house, just to make sure Falcon wasn't going to get the better of me. So, all in all we had a good ride and he was all nuzzely and rubbing on me when we got back.

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