Saturday, June 30, 2012


How am I EVER going to get riding again?  HOW?

Now I am plagued with a HORRID case of Poison Oak on the back of my thighs.  Burning and itching and driving me insane.
How I got it, I have no clue, although, my SO told me I was sitting in a patch of it at Bodega Bay last Sunday...STILL I was wearing JEANS!  obviously no protection agaynst the hateful unmerciful weed!

The short time I spent in happy quest of endurance rides when I lived in Virginia seems to be long times I do miss the farm-chickens, cows, horses...goats and sheep, but it WAS a lot of work, so I don't REALLY miss it, however. I DO miss riding down the trail and finding that often 10 miles was just NOT enough.

I've been told that stubbornness is a trait of maybe, just maybe I will be able to ride a trail again...someday...

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