Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WIDE bodies need WIDE saddles

Little Nevel has thrived over the last year and has joyfully packed on the pounds.
So I ordered a DUETT to try on him...a 38!!!
 I do like the color of it and I have a bridles to match 
(both black and brown)
The problem was "girth"
The girth with my old stubben was  way too long
due to extended billets on the Duett
I rummaged around and found a 24" Orthoflex girth that hadnt been used in years
It WORKED!  yay
I didnt get very good pictures of the saddle on without a pad
But he has plenty of clearance in the wither area
I will most likely switch over to my Skito pad on the next trial, this pad goes with my Stubben which is shaped differently than this Duett

 Nevel didn't mind packing it around the pen, even with heavy leather covered endurance stirrups banging around on his sides.
He had nice even sweat marks when he was done.
I didn't ride because I have been sick  with a stomach bug for the last two days and every time I have ever ridden when sick I end up falling off and banging myself up.
So, a "sit" on the saddle while it was on the stand was pretty comfortable
(other than being so WIDE)
Will have to try it out again another day when I am feeling better

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