Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Gauntlet

My trailer BACKING skills
 Are severely lacking,
The Turn...The Trees,
The Twisted knees...
Ok, not twisted knees,
The neck sure was twisted when I was done!
I have been shopping around for quite awhile
Still kicking myself for selling my 4-Star with gigantic Tack Room when I made my "big move."
I first dreamed of having a Feather-lite
But after looking at them a good bit in comparison to other trailers
I felt like they just weren't built as well.
I looked at a variety of other trailers.
Trails West has a good looking well built trailer and reviews were good on them
The Logan was slightly more expensive
But what sold me was 
1. Good Reviews
2. Warranty
3.  Very hard to find a used one around (must mean people are happy with them?)
4.  Flooring ( EDGE model has the slatted floors for drain purposes)
5.  Coating on the flooring and hitch area to decrease rusting and pitting
5.   Three outer spotlights
6.Roomy slant load (although I do sorta miss the rear tack area)
Water tank, blanket bars and 12 bridle hooks to hang all of my junk on! 
AND-carpeting on the wall to protect from swinging/banging tack
Oh...I should want to ride horses to have a horse trailer?
Well, ok, if I need to leave town quick, I will take them with me!

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