Sunday, August 11, 2013

Clean for a Moment

It was a perfect day to give "Mr. Fats" a bath!
Hard to believe he was underweight when I bought him a year ago!
He is OBESE now! (his diet only consists of short irrigated pasture and some hay.  Looks like he needs a dirt paddock!)
And do you think a saddle fits him?
Not any that I own
and Mike's saddle rolls on him now.
T said I could use a couple of her el-cheapo saddles that seem to fit ok.
 Big Haflinger Butt
His tail was BLACK with mud and who knows what else when I started
So a good shampooing worked wonders 
 He was intent on finding snacks during his "dry time"
 I was excited about how well the Orvis Shampoo really worked.
His yellow mane is now fluffy and almost white
 Shimmering in the Sunlight...
But only for a moment!
 Falcon was second in line 
I don't really even want to talk about him!
He lunged well, 
I put a saddle on him
No problems
I strapped my helmet to his saddle 
No problem
I tried to walk him away
He tried to bolt
Went in to a slight rear/buck
C walked over when I got him settled and got the helmet off
He was ok after that,
But what would he do with me on his back again.
I lunged him into a good sweat with the saddle on
Snacks, apples and a shower for him
and called it a day!

1 comment:

Lei said...

Cleanliness never lasts. I swear, Mitch is dirty the very next day. Why why why did I get a blonde?

Oh well it could be worse,I guess. He could have been white.

Mitch is looking a little stout himself, and all he gets is bermuda hay, which is the equine version of rice cakes. They have been big flakes though, which is ok,I guess, since he's not fat per se.