Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Seat in the Saddle

This was the final day of my saddle trial...
Nevel decided to give it a taste..."mmmm, pretty tasty!"
I had not even sat on Nevel the whole week because I had been on a backpacking trip.
Dumb time to ask for a saddle trial...BUTT
 the saddle came much sooner than expected!
Nevel promptly relaxed after cinching and did not cooperate for "level" picture taking!
The Duett and thick Skito pad fit Mr. Fatz without rolling off when I put weight in the stirrup.  He stood still and then wobbled a little with the first step-probably due to the fact that I am "ms fatz" myself!  And then we wobbled around the arena for about 20 min.  Nevel was quite distracted since C was zipping about on the 4-wheeler feeding the other horses.

Also, there are new boarders on campus and one of them was racing all around in his pen.  Despite the distractions we did end with him listening extremely well when I said WOAH!  : )

The saddle was SO comfortable...the stirrups felt a little weird because I have to put them under the flap for the trial.  And now I see that I did not get a picture of his left side with the saddle on!
Then he posed for some shots that I need for my neice who owns the "Sinwaan" Blog
 to make a model of him
 The rascal keeps changing colors with the seasons and has dapples for the summer.
It won't be long before he is all furry for winter again!


Shana said...

He is so darn cute. So what do you think, will you keep the saddle? Thanks for the additional photos. I can actually see his dapples better in the photo with the saddle on, but they will all be helpful. Now I also see his mane is not as long as I thought towards his shoulder!! Agh!!

falconfeathers said...

I am sorry that I took all of my pics off of facebook...I was in a bad mood...but his mane is longer when it is cleaner! : )