Saturday, September 21, 2013

Is it going to RAIN or NOT???

Northern California does not usually get rain until November if I remember correctly-at least a rain that amounts to anything, but today the skies are very gray with a cool breeze rustling the dry leaves.
I usually wilt in the heat, so I am thankful for a drop in the temperature.
It seems like a perfect time to go visit my "pony."  The sky was getting pretty cloudy...

"Mom do you HAVE to take my picture AGAIN???
Nevel was a Mr. Buck-a-roo in the round pen when I first put his saddle on.
Then he tore around the pen at full speed and had Peppy rearing and bucking and racing all around in the field next to him.
I suppose the cooler weather gave Mr. Nevel some pep-r-roo!
But then when I asked him to actually "work" he slogged around at the slowest rate possible!  : )
Then looked at his saddle like it was something new.
 "NOW WHAT???"
It is sooooo DUSTY
My lovely shoes are caked with DUST
DUST probably in my TOES
But ride I MUST
Between those Golden Ears!
Nevel was slightly mis-behaving when we started out
Dropping his nostrils in the dust  and basically not listening well,
But I kept after him 
And soon we were trotting serpentines in the arena with his head up
Then he offered a choppy canter...
So I slowed him back to trotting and then attempted the canter again.
He has a lovely sauntering trot
A barely rideable extended trot
And a lovely canter
A fellow boarder arrived and watched for a little bit.
She said it looked like he was doing well and that I looked good on him.
That was nice to hear since I am 5'10" and not sure how big he is.
Maybe tomorrow I can round up a measuring stick and see how tall he is.
He was close to 14'2 when I bought him, but I am most certain he has grown.
After riding, Nevel and I hung out under the oak trees and he snarfed around for acorns.
But darkening clouds heralded a storm
 Unfortunately the Chili Cook-off and Cool Car show got rained on in Rocklin.
Maybe the rain will bring an end to dusty shoes for awhile!

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