Sunday, September 15, 2013

No Bucks

Nevel was well behaved for lunging with his tack on
No Bucks Today
  : )
"Hayyyyy, are we going for a ride, or are you just going to stand there?"
We walked down the lane to "the Wild Side" then through the "Great Wood" to the Sewer road.
At the bottom of Sewer Road, he hollered and snorted for other horses, but none were to be found.
I mounted up and thought about taking him around the meadow, but then just decided to take him back up the way we had come.  He almost immediately spooked at the rock where the upper meadow trail splits off of Sewer road.  He did a quick bolt and tried to charge off into the weeds, but stopped pretty quickly for me.  Thankfully I kept my seat and we turned around to face the monster rock again.
This time he eyed it and then plodded on up the hill.  He eyed some other rocks and also a fallen log but did not react to them.  Later we saw a coyote sneaking in to the weeds.  (No pictures, I decided to keep both hands on the reins.)

We rode on back through the "great wood"  with him trying to trot, but I pulled him up since he was stumbling-not paying attention-to the staging area where I dismounted to cross the road...then remounted on the lane.  He was tender on the rocks and I guess I need to consider some boots for him.
Back in the round pen, I now notice that the pics I took have the reins snapped on wrong, but I did not ride him with them that way.
He did some minimal posing for me in his biothane tack and Duett Saddle.
There again with the reins snapped on wrong.
After untacking he snarfed around in the sand for acorns while I re-adjusted his bridle so that the nose piece falls down further on his nose.
We had a nice 2.5 hours together (45 min riding time)
Just need to start logging some more trail miles and will start looking for some slow company on the weekends.

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